Finding Balance: Can we truly ever disconnect if we are passionate about what we do?

I was in an online conversation not too long ago and we were discussing taking risks as educators in and out of the classroom. There was a side conversation about ‘turning work off’ in an effort to try to avoid the dreaded burn-out. We were exchanging stories about how we leave a device/notepad at various places around the house, office, car, etc. since we never know when or where inspiration will strike. One person asked how we turn it off when we leave the classroom/office. I explained that I am never off, I will record notes or ideas when in the car or flying and I usually come home from the office to sit at the center island in the kitchen with my laptop answering emails, reading books for the purpose of learning, preparing presentations or reports, participating in a Twitter chat, watching a Ted Talk, reading blogs, etc. The person then asked, “Don’t you have a life outside of work?” To which I responded, “I love my work and I don’t see it as having a life outside of work because my work is my passion and one of my hobbies.” When you love and are passionate about what you do, who knows what you can accomplish? Do you view your work as something that needs to be ‘turned off’? If so, I feel sorry for you because I can’t imagine my life without learning, leading, and loving my work to try to change the world one student and one teacher at a time.

My Geek-Out-Moment of the Month: My G-O-M this month comes as a two-for-one, I received a ‘shout-out’ from two podcasts! I am a self-proclaimed podcast junkie and love listening to various podcasts throughout the month (sometimes listening to episodes several times a month). I was shocked, surprised, and honored to be named a #HouseofEdTech VIP and received a mention from #EDURoadTrip for a shout-out on Twitter! Both times I did not know that either was going to happen and stopped mid-run to stand slack-jawed then ran home to tell anyone who would listen. Needless to say, I was on ‘Cloud Nine Geek Style’.

Recommendation of the Month: If you haven’t done so already, you must subscribe to the podcast EduRoadTrip by @EduRoadTrip. This podcast is moderated by three educators, Gary @EDURoadTripGreg, Justin @mr_b_teacher, and Mari @msventurino. They are a “group of educators who ‘travel’ throughout the world, highlighting and celebrating educators, their successes and their challenges”. You can connect with EduRoadTrip via Twitter @EduRoadTrip, iTunes or podcatcher of your choice, or their website, – Happy Podcatching!

Twitter Chat of the Month: A fairly new Twitter chat to me is #currichat every Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm ET. This chat focuses on everything curriculum and instruction that is occurring in our world. This Twitter chat will have you thinking and discussing everything education from lesson planning to learning styles and everything in-between. If you are interested in curriculum or are a curriculum nerd, this is the chat for you.


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2 responses to “Finding Balance: Can we truly ever disconnect if we are passionate about what we do?

  1. I am often chided by friends and family because of my inability to let go of work. But it isn’t “work”. I know when I need to stop grading papers or writing lesson plans because I’m tired or over worked and nothing productive will occur until I take some time to recharge, but I’m always thinking, jotting, chatting, asking, learning about my profession. I love what I do. I’m passionate about it. I don’t want that flame to burn out so I keep it fueled on purpose. With a purpose.

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  2. I can relate to this on so many levels. I wrote a similar post on this for ASCD awhile back. Here it is if interested:

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